Yoo Jung and that back hug!



He is not clingy but he misses her. They quarelled before but he is not the one to give in and contact her first. She distance herself, he ignored her. Sunbae Yoo Jung isn’t the type who would hang on to someone but Seol made him turn into one. I love that he wanted to text her that he misses her but he couldn’t. I love that emotional back hug and its killing me right now.

When sunbae Yoo jung back-hugged her, it was so meaningful. It shows so much of how Yoo Jung might be/is feeling and we see that he wanted her back.

Yes, he is sorry but like Seol, we can’t just make sense of how the hell did he fell in love with her knowing that he did something bad to her in the past. Did he really think that its that simple — just get over it because its in the past already? Seol can’t understand him and so are we. And one thing that’s bothering me right now is that he told Seol that he really did think that the text messages was misunderstood by Yong Gol and he didn’t know that it will get out of hand. Its unbelievable. Seeing his actions in the past and the way he smiled in episode 8 last week after Yong Gol confronted him tells us otherwise.

I can really see now that his feelings towards Seol are genuine but I think some things from the past, the misunderstanding and all, should be cleared up first for them to sustain what they have now.

I can’t wait for the subbed episode 10 tomorrow. I hope everything will get better (but seeing the preview, it saddens me that maybe they’ll truly break up.) I wish we could understand him better in the coming episodes, please. I am really rooting for the two.

PS: Back hugs are my favorite and this one tops of my list. I remember the back hug in Goong! These two are similar in a way. Back hug after a big fight. I love it!


What’s up 2016! We’ve got cheese in the trap!

Yahoo! First post for the year 2016. Halleluyah!


My fingers are now itching to write about the TVN’s monday-tuesday airing drama entitled “Cheese in the Trap”. It is based on a webtoon with the same title and is headed by Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin.

Kim Go Eun’s character, Hong Seol, is what got me hooked in this drama. The acting and the way she tells the story is so genuine and it makes the whole drama relatable.

The drama is both calm and intense. Its refreshing to see how a normal relationship begin(Yoo Jung— Park Hae Jin’s character — asked Seol to date him in episode 4, it came too soon but I love it!), all those awkwardness and getting to know moments are very fun to watch. Things get intense when Yoo Jung’s character, his hidden scary trait, starts to appear.


One of the remarkable scenes is the ending of episode 5. When Seol and Jung got into a fight and Jung is contemplating in his room. He was asking himself if he was weird? What’s wrong with the way he do things? Seol caught him but she just laughed about it. He thought they were the same, everybody else is strange but not him.
When I watched that scene, I almost cry.  I felt pity towards him. I wanna try to understand him more. Its like for him what he is doing isn’t wrong. He’s nice if you are nice and if you do bad things, you should be punished. Its that clear and simple for him and he tends to ignore other people’s feelings without realizing it. He thinks he is always right and I really think he is though I am beginning to become biased towards him. Haha.


I love that the writer is playing with both our brains and hearts. When Jung says that he and Seol are alike, I want to see what he saw in Seol that makes him think that they are alike. I love how he shows his feelings and the way they try to be honest and true to each other. I’m really curious to see what will happen to both of them in the future.

Now we’re already in episode 8. Good things happen, they know more about each, they care more and they understand each other better. But along with those stomach churning –  heartwarming moments comes the stone that will try to break the still fragile relationship they’ve built.


The part in episode 7 where we discovered that Jung, again his hidden evil provoking trait, did actually text Young Gun (Seol’s stalker last semester) about Seol liking him and that this stalker weird guy should really pursue her. The good image of Jung in my mind starts to melt. I can see that he really likes and cares about Seol now, I can feel his genuine feelings toward her but I can’t understand why he did that. Or rather, I can’t understand how he fell for Seol in the first place. I’m starting to doubt his feelings. And that freaking preview is killing me! I notice that there’s not much intense at the ending of each episode but the previews are what will get you into thinking and into wanting to watch the next episode as soon as possible.
Can’t wait for tuesday!

Since the last quarter of 2015 up to now, dramaland has been denying us a great drama to watch. There are some which is good at the beginning but becomes uninteresting at the end and some which are quite bad or just not good enough for me. And I am hoping that this year, dramaland will be more generous on providing us a pleasure to watch dramas. I am so glad I watched Cheese in the Trap, a good start for 2016 (thanks TVN!). Moorim School is just okay and I watch it because of HyunWoo — its not perfect but I hope it will get better.

Let’s talk about Cheese in the Trap please. Let me know if its killing you like how its killing me right now.

Cheers to 2016 and a Cheers to more great dramas this year! Aja!


PS: How could Park Hae Jin be both handsome and cute at the age of 33? o_O omo!


Day 23: Favorite Argument

It’s back! Yes, I am bringing back the 31-day Kdrama Challenge I started last summer. It really is shameful, I know, taking months to finish this even though I am claiming that I am a dramanerd, but I guess I will just follow my heart (being such a hopeless romantic) and finish this as soon as I can (I am thinking maybe it will take me more than a month again. hahah.. I hoping not.)


Now, going back. I am thinking of my most favorite argument and the first thought that comes to my mind is the RAP BATTLE in Kill Me, Heal Me! And as I was googling about it now, I discovered that that epic scene was just an ad-lib between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. It was hilarious and I can’t stop laughing.

Here’s a video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ5n0UNKlos

Credit: MBCdrama

Then of course, after thinking some more, I remember that my initial answer to this challenge (months ago) was the arguments between Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) and Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung). I love their bickering, the way they argue about anything and everything. My most favorite one was when Jae Yeol suddenly just asked Hae Soo to marry him. I thinks its not really an argument but daebak is the way Jae Yeol kept on pushing-pulling Hae Soo by asking then not asking/talking then not talking about marriage. Then when Jae Yeol finally laid out all the reason why he wants to marry the girl. Arghh… TEARS.


Park Seo Joon nailed it again in She Was Pretty + Ep 14&15 is the best episode in kdrama ever!


Once again, Park Seo Joon proved himself as one of the best boyfriend in kdrama land with his role as Ji Sung Joon in the kdrama She Was Pretty. The drama have showed one great plot twist, nice story flow and superb great acting and CHEMISTRY between the main leads in its recent episode this week. *Claps

Like Joo Won who fitted perfectly with the role of doctor, Seo Joon seems to be best matched or should I say a collector of best boyfriend role. Now I fully understand and saw exactly why these two —> Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum — have to have there own drama as the main OTP just months after they played the role of siblings in a recent drama. As many have seen, there’s a kind of sparks or emerging chemistry between the two in the first drama they worked on earlier this year which is the drama Kill Me, Heal Me. They’ve showed it again and proven its power in the latest episode of their on-going drama, She Was Pretty, which will end next week.

Im going to talk about Seo Joon first. I first fell for him in the drama Witch Romance where I branded him as the best boyfriend ever. I was attracted and end up so much attached with his character “Yoon Dong Ha”, an understanding and very funny and loving guy who fell madly in love with a much older woman. He was the bestest understanding boyfriend there is and I still can’t get over his heartbreaking crying scene in episode 9 of WR. I can say it’s one of his best scene ever.


Now, here in She Was Pretty, again, he was able to make us fall in love with his workaholic yet very romantic character Ji Sung Joon. Argghhh, when he turns from workaholic to sweet and caring boyfriend, I can’t help but wish that every guy should be like him. oh how kyu-woo!

On the other hand, Hwang Jung Eum, I must confess that I was really irritated with her over-the-top acting in Kill Me Heal Me to the point wherein I dropped the drama totally in ep16. Seriously, I can’t even look at her. But surprisingly, I totally love her character as Kim Hye Jin here in She Was Pretty. Yes I can still see a bit of Oh Ri Jin but she really pulled off the funny weird vibe and she matches well with Sung Joon and even with Ha-Ri. Thumbs up for pulling off great chemistry both with her bestfriend and boyfriend. Also her chemistry with Si Won as sunbae dongsaeng kick off a comedic feel and it was realIy funny I must say!


After watching episode 14 & 15 of SWP, I can’t help but write how awesome Seo Joon and Jung Eum are and the drama is as well. I love Sung Joon and Hye Jin and they are part of my top3 cute couple this year. There are two more episode left before the ending but episode 14 and 15 gave off the ending feels already. It could really end there and it would still be okay. Everything -writing, production, acting, plot twist – was great and I can’t wait to see what more surprise the daebak wroter could still give us at the final end.

Lastly, I would like to commend Siwon for pulling off such a weird character, he looks different in yhe beginning but I was happy to see the handsome Siwon back! The scene where he and Hye Jin met before he totally disappeared, the sexy whisper is daebak! I’m really curious as to what he said.

Joo Won is the Skilled Quack!


I think Joo Won fits the doctor character, always. He could be the retarted doctor, the money-bag doctor, the doctor who doesn’t allow death on his table, the YONG PAL.

Hello there! After weeks of reading YA books (I’ll blog about it soon..?! xD), now I am back in dramaland. I just finished the drama “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” and all I can say is that it started on the right track and maybe, okay, yes the ending is quite okay but somewhere along the way, for me, Scholar lost its charm. Maybe its just me, I like the plot and the vampire thingy (they are handsome! Very.) and the chemistry is really great but… I hoped it will be different, betterer.


Anyways, I started Yong Pal and I got hooked right away. I am not fan of Kim Tae Hee but so far, her performance here is great. She fits the sleeping princess character well. While I am not a fan of the female lead, I am on the other hand, a bias follower of Joo Won. I watched his every drama after Baker King and I’ve always love every character that he portray. This guy have got a great talent of owning whatever character he is in and giving justice and outstanding performance every time. And it was like he was really a doctor in his past life or he could be a real doctor now because of his believable act. *applause


Yonga Pal have got a really interesting plot and a very likeable main and minor characters. I was really glad to see Kim Mi Kyung —my favorite ajhumma, Jung Woong In — scariest villain for me and Jo Hyun Jae, i didn’t expect that he’d olay a bad chacter. Oh, I almost forgot, Chae Jung An looked really good in here.


Im still halfway towards the end but I can see that this drama won’t disappoint…hopefully!

The Time I Loved You: 3 more episodes to go till I reach the ending!

I can’t help but compare everything with the original… I guess this is the curse of  remakes. Add my loving the original story too much to that.


In Time With You, the original and taiwanese version of the Kdrama The Time I Loved You, is one of my favorite Taiwanese Drama. If you ask about the ranking, it’d definitely be in my 1st or 2nd best and most favorite tdramas. When I learned that it will have a korean version, I was really excited about it at first. Knowing the talent of koreans in making a drama, I was sure that it would definitely be another great drama.

But when I try to think of an actress that would fit the character of You Qing, I can’t think of anyone. I mean, Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Sun Ah did cross my mind but there is something that doesn’t fit. I guess it was because Ariel Lin (Chen You Qing of In Time With You and one of my favorite actress) really did own that character to the point that it is hard to imagine other people doing it.


Ha Ji-won is one of the best korean actresses and she have a good record of outstanding female lead character and dramas. When I learned that she will take the female lead role, I again had a hard time picturing the character and the whole drama.

I started to have doubts and it got deeper when I saw the first stills/pictures. Yes everything was beautiful but I can’t find Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing. I do not feel sparks or chemistry between them.

Despite of everything, I was still looking forward to see the korean version. I am still hoping thay everthing will work out well. And that hope brings me here now.

Honestly, I did struggle while watching this drama. Aside from the constant comparison between the two versions, at the back of my mind, there is something telling me that nah you already know what’s gonna happen!!!

That, again, is a curse of having watched an other version of one storyline. I really hate it but I love watching different version. Only if I could turn that memory off like hiding a folder in a computer. You know its there but you can’t see it but you can easily changed the option back to unhidden later.

I am not sure whether the fact that they changed a lot of things with plot is a good thing or not. In fairness to the korean version, as I watch it, I became attached with the two leads and I can, slowly, see their chemistry. I continue to watch, taking an episode or two a day. Sometimes its fun to watch, sometimes its boring. But still I think it’s good. I love how they show flashback towards the end of an episode, making sure that the audience understands that what’s happening with the present has something to do with the past. It was doing okay until episode 12 or maybe up until Cha Sae Ho appeared.

As I continue to watch, I feel like the writer is trying hard to make the story different from the original. And by doing so, it is losing the charm and the good parts of the original plot.


I would never deny that I did fast-forwad some parts of In Time With You(the part when the ex came back), but I love every scenes which involves the two main leads. The taiwan version was able to plot the story in a way that the viewers would know and undertand the two main lead characters, how and what their friendship is and its importance and I guess, in a way where we would root for them till the end no matter what. Even the side stories are good. The feelings are raw, the family love is also their, the unending friendship, the work hassle and the downsides, the character development.. Arghhh how do I explain it… Everything in ITWY makes sense.


Unlike with TTILY, there are parts of the story that don’t make sense. Yes there are good parts but as I approach the ending,  more and more things are  becoming vague. Now my hearts oa kind of rejectinf it. I am not sure if I’ll still be able to finish it. But I’ll try maybe.  I jusy kinda sad that the korean version didn’t not live up to the original version.

Before I end this, I want to list some thoughts that run through my mind while watching this drama…

What I like in In Time With You (Taiwan Version)
-Li Da Ren (Best guy friend and boyfriend in taiwan dramaland)
-Ariel Lin / Cheng You Ching (character growth in real and reel life)
-the hotel drunk scene
-the intern slash user (i love how he and you xing became friends later on)
-the song that Da Ren composed
-both families and also their highschool friends
-i love how they identified the life issues and learnings of You Qing. I remember the topic regarding marriage proposal
-the way they finally begin the relationship and THE PROPOSAL
-i.love.everything. haha

About The Time I Loved You(Korean version)
-ambiance and settings are great
-i guess Choi Won is okay, i feel sorry for him though


-I felt sad when Choi Won said that he can’t be friends with Hana the same as before if she go out with Sae Hoo again but dude, why can’t you tell your feelings straightforwardly. I hate that they literally had a scene where they kind of broke off their friendship but then after 3 or so episode Won had to say again that they can be friends again just like before. I don’t get why theu have to do that.
-i liked the talk between hana’s dad and won, especially when he said to won
“You two are always stuck together. Whay are you doing that you can’t even win hana’s heart!” that’s a big punch right there!
-I almost cry when Choi Won was trying to keep his feelings on hold and Hana doesn’t even realize it (inside the airplane scene)
-what is Sae Ho’s problem really? I was too sleepy to watch it and uninterested to replay it again. Lol
-who the hell was Dae Yoon and why didn’t they showed him from the very beginning. Instead of giving more sense to the “i will never ever love you” line, for me, it made it more ridiculous. i just don’t get the feeling.

Well, that’s it for now. All my thought, doubts and questions regarding this drama, having only watched 13 episodes. Haha… Have you watched the show? What do you think?

Can you travel alone?

Backpack travelling. I really wanna do it someday. But of course I know I will need a lot of savings and courage to do that!

Right now, I’m here at the airport, waiting for my family to pick me up. My friends and I went to a 4 days vacation in Palawan (El Nido and Puerto Princesa) and both of them went home with their sundo already. Sadly, I’m stuck here waiting for my family who is still  trapped at the heavy traffic it EDSA. Which made me think of my dream of backpacking someday. Many thoughts came to my mind.

Can I do it? Yes, I really wanna do it. Wouldn’t it be awkward to eat alone? I should start saving from now. I need a backpack. A big one.

I always say that its my dream but in reality there are a lot of fears and doubts in my mind. The first time I thought of backpacking is when we were having a family problem. I wanted to get away. Baguio City came to my mind. I googled it and many people, solo traveller, really go there. I really wanted to do it that time but of course, there are many hindrances. First, is my mom. She wouldn’t let me go somewhere far alone. Second is my budget and third is actually my fear.  I’m still not sure of I can do it. Though I wanted to do it, I don’t actually have the courage to really pack my bags and go travel solo.

During my trip to Palawan, I met some solo traveller. I really wanted to talked to them and asked what their reason is for doing that. Could we be the same? They also wanted to get away? But again, I can’t talk to them. Instead, I asked my friends. They said maybe, they could. If it’s a city. Not in a beach or not during Island hopping (which is what we did during our stay in palawan) and both of them experienced it at least once. Lucky them.

I realized during this trip that if I really want to travel, I have to start saving from now on. And I definitely will.
I’m already 25yrs old. I’ve been to many places but I still want more selfie in different places and marked dot on my map. My goal is that on my 26th bday (which is next year) I would fulfill my solo escapade on Baguio then on or before my 30th bday, I would or would’ve have gone eiyhet to Korea or to a southeast asia tour. Solo. Yes!


Mitra Vacation House in Puerto Princess Palawan

If you will asked me why I wanna do it? I am also not sure. May be I want to find myself or to prove something? Or maybe both. I’m a crazywanderlust after all. I’m declaring this goal so that I will be more motivated to fulfill it.

Yahoo! My family here now so I have to end this. Just wanna say that its actually my first personal pose so bare with me for being to personal. It became liek a diary. Haha…


Hello! Hello!


Just want to update. I’ve been wanting to write more often but I guess, it will only be during summer (march to may in my country) when I will have the time to freely write in here. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best! Aja!

Well, as for my watchlist, right now here they are:

I Remember You

Whow! Seo In Guk is back and he’s hot! Haha. I finished watching it and everything is good! As always, Jang Nara never fails me with her great performance. Hell yes, this girl can make you cry or believe in her may she be a teacher, a brat princess or, in here, a police investigator.

The production and story is good and the actors did well with their acting. I just have one complain, I expected so much with the ending. I hoped for a Lee Joon Ho free world, I was curious as to how they would be able to beat him or save him even if its too late. I expected a grand murder case but whoolah… They’d presented an open-ending, think whatever you like ending. It was kinda dissappointing and sad but since I like the characters and the show, I’ll be fine with it, try to be fine with it. Okay, I will just think that even if Sun Ho, the younger brother, will go to jail, his relationship with his hyung will still progress because even if he’s inside, his hyung will always visit him. Years after, Lee Hyun, Ji An and Sun ho will live happily ever after. As for Joon ho, I actually hoped for salvation for him. Its seems like his not a totally bad person or at least to the Lee brothers.

Ah, i just have to say it, Park Bo Gum really played the younger brother role well.


Ratings: 9/8 (How I liked it/overall rating)

Lets Eat (Season 1)

I watched it because a friend here recommended it and I was glad because I saw Doojoon of Beast. All I can say is that this show is such a nice, easy-going show that can make you laugh, cry and want to eat even late at night. You’ll get carried away with the main female lead’s character. You’ll dislike her at first but eventually, you will learn to love her and her romance with Dae Young. Dae Young is the happy virus thag affects every chatacter in this drama. He’s not perfect but you’ll love him. Not only because of all his knowledge about food and the way he eat but because he can teach you many practical things in life. I love how out both leads’ romance progressed.

Overall, you have to watch it! Just be warned that this show must be watched with a full stomach first or else you’ll end up looking for a korean restaurant even in the middle of the night.

Rating: 9/9

Marmalade Boy

This show is one of my much-awaited show last season but sadly, I haven’t finished watching it yet. The beginning of the show really looked interesting but I kind of stopped when the scenario shifted to historical setting.

I’m not yet sure when I will finish it but surely, it’s still part of my watchlist.


Finally, the drama I’m watching right now is The Time I’ve Love You. I have many things to say about this but I want to finish it first or at least watched half of the show.

As I’ve said earlier, I want to be active again and work out my schedule to find to time to right in here. I want to share more personal thoughts and also the other things I read and watch.

For now, I say “Fighting Ellie!

The Producer (2015) – a yes or a no?


Hail for the much-awaited and most talked about drama last spring. Kdrama pips’ opinion are divided when it comes to their first reaction to this drama. Now that its done already, I can say that it’s not perfect but it’s still one of the great drama I’ve watched this year. It’s a kind of drama wherein you really have to accept and swallow everything before you can truly love it. So for those who already dropped it in the ocean, might as well get your swimsuit back on and find it again. Give it another try and it might make your 18hours worthwhile. And for those who haven’t watch it yet, I strongly recommend it.


The Producer shows the everyday life of those behind the camera, the unseen chaos and struggles of the people who sacrifice almost half of their lives just to be able to produce a show that will not only be enjoyed by everyone but will yield a high rating. The Show rating reflects who and what you are. In this case, it revolves around the experiences of the newbie producer Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun), the challenges in the life of the 2 days 1 night producer, PD Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) and Music Bank producer, PD Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) and lastly, the truth beyond the façade of the popular singer Cindy (IU).

As what it boasted during the promotion, they showcased a different kind of approach — a variety-type drama as they said. The different approach they were referring to was the interview sessions and documentation part of Baek Seung Chan’s/trainees life. It gave the feel that you are not totally watching a drama but a variety show as well. Admit it or not, the interview session was kind of hard to accept at the beginning because at the back of your mind you were asking “for what is this?”, “are they going to expose everything in a show afterwards?” or “will it be broadcasted?” and that’s where it starts to not make sense. But then, as time passed by, when I really started to pay more attention to that part, I began to like and accept it. It was actually kind of funny, it gives a more comedic feel to the show. Maybe it was because of the hilarious things that they say or do especially when the subject person they were talking about is not around.  Maybe its also because sometimes they reveal their true feelings through those interview. Some fans liked it, the others hate it.


cr.: dramabeans.com

Another reason why its popular even before it premier is because of our main leads. I’m gonna talk about our handsome alien first. I think, Kim Soo Hyun did a great job in playing Baek Seung Chan’s character. I can sympathize with him and most of the time I was rolling on the floor laughing because of his behind the back evil deeds. It was really hilarious, I saw Kim Soo Hyun in a different light. One thing I noticed here is that BSC talks to much. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its boring. But let’s just understrand the dude because he’s struggling at work and love at the same time. lol.


cr.: iumushimushi.tumblr.com-

Now, let’s talk about IU and her great performance in this drama. She was a revelation. I saw her in her other dramas before but she really is at her best here. She  was able to make us hate her character, then made us cry with her and then love her eventually. Those red teary eyes are daebak! Thanks to the writer for creating the Cindy character which fits well with IU. I’m shipping BSC and PD TYJ but if eventually BSC falls for her, I won’t complain. I think Cindy is the representation of most of the KPOP stars in history and of today. Not all the we see are true. Sometimes they have to act different from who they are because they were instructed to. Her story also showed us that sometimes the person we trusted our whole life with can also be the person that could destroy us. A lesson learned the hard way for her.

프로듀사_E07_150605_언론플레이의 이해_HDTV_H264_720p-WITH_mp4_20150606_102205_420

cr.: enjoykoreawith.blogspot.com

Mmmm… moving on to PD Ra Joon Mo, his character is the one which I had the least sympathy with. Despite his struggles to keep his show going, I just don’t get the feels. Don’t get me wrong, Cha Tae Hyun is really great in his portrayal. He was funny and believable at the same time. But I guess its his indecisiveness and not being able to express what he really feels is what pulling me back to BSC. *spoilers* I wanted to protest when at the end, PD TYJ ended up with him but I realized then on that, that was the most believable ending. They were really meant for each other. I’ll just pray that someday there will be a drama of GHY and KSH as the OTP. *end of spoilers*


cr.: dramabeans.com

Of course, I won’t forget about my favorite kdrama female lead, Gong Hyo Jin. My first impression of PD Tak Ye Jin is kind of off. I mean black hair and dark make-up doesn’t really suit GHJ and fortunately she toned down during the middle of the show. I also don’t like her PD TYJ’s pretentious character. I saw it negatively. But as always, after knowing her better throughout the show, you’ll realize that her character is the most realistic one among every character in the show. I mean everyone of us have lied and acted superior even if the truth is the opposite. You’ll see the reason why she’s reacting that way and you’ll understand the reason why she’s like that. I definitely love her. I should’ve known better, Gong Hyo Jin is not the kind to play a simple character. PD TYJ will always remain as one of the coolest person in kdrama land for me. She’s not perfect, she doesn’t really realize her true self, she misunderstood things most of the time but she’s kind, strong and a true person, a true friend. Someone who’ll watch through all the videos just to save a friend, someone you can always rely on. Her drunken habit is daebak and definitely unforgettable. I can imagine it becoming a trend in many dramas in the future. That aegyo and dance killed me and *spoiler* when Baek Seung Chan did it at the ending, I lost my soul. Hahah…

Overall this drama is a 9/10 (Story and execution/how I liked it) for me. Though it started a bit boring but the ending is really great. One of the best ending in kdramaland. Just forget about the missing lovey dovey scenes between TYJ and PD RJM. I’m crossing my fingers for a season two. I hope they push through it. Despite everything, I think this show was a success!